Thanks for playing!  Our next event in the hall is on 11th September in two sections.  In the mean time you can consider playing in Muswell Hill FIDE Rapid at the Clissold Arms on Tuesday 7th September - see but there are only 30 places!

Today Grandmaster Alexander Cherniaev won £100.00 ahead of 90 players for his perfect score of 6/6.

Oscar Pollack, IM John Pigott, Sam Walker and Peter Finn scored 5/6 and won £12.50 each.

Rated between 1550 and 1749 - Julian Llewellyn won £50.00 for his score of 5/6.

Rated between 1350 and 1549 - Frankie Badacsonyi and Andres Perez Fadon scored 4.5/6 and won £25.00 each.

Rated between 1200 and 1349 - Stanley Badacsonyi won £50.00 for his score of 4.5/6.

Rated between 0 and 1199 - Harry Bryant and Rahul Babu scored 4/6 and won £25.00 each. chess calendar