Our last event of the year!  Hopefully not the last chess event for a while... our next tournament at Golders Green is scheduled for FEBRUARY.

This weekend's results can be found here - https://chess-results.com/tnr594896.aspx?lan=1&art=4&turdet=YES&flag=30

A modest entry this weekend, with GM Alexander Cherniaev taking first place with 5.5/6 and winning £100.00.

Three players tied for 2nd on 4.5/6 - Julian Llewellyn, Frankie Badacsonyi and Connor Clarke.  They won £17.00 each.

The rating prize was won by Orla Dorman with 3.5/6, winning £50.00.

In the Under 1450 Adam Brittain scored an impressive 5/5!  He won a medal and a book.  

Golders Green FIDE Rapid Chess

Thanks to Lance Leslie-Smith, Jo Wildman and Rob Hammond for running the event so efficiently!  Thanks also to Lorin d'Costa for bringing his She Plays To Win group of girls to the tournament and giving coaching all day.


1st GM Alexander Cherniaev won £100.00 with 6/6.  Mike Healey (£50.00) and Savin Dias (£50.00) scored 5/6.

Rating Prize - Savin Dias 5/6

Rating Prize - £10.00 each to Samvrit Subin, Alfred Soulier, Kristina Solovieva, Alisha Vyas and Zain Patel all 3.5/6

Rating Prize - £10.00 each to Shrihan Koppuravuri, Charlie Ball, Simon Morris, Marie Obegi and Ankita Belur all 3/6

Please email adamraoof@gmail.com with your bank account and sort code to claim your prize or use it as credit towards the next event!

UNDER 1450

1st John McGann
with 5.5/6 followed by Jason Birbas with 5/6 and Reya Karpe with 4.5/6. They won medals and book prizes.

Thanks to everyone who played yesterday!  I am grateful to Rob Hammond, Lance Leslie-Smith, Jo Wildman for running the tournament very efficiently.

DATES for 2022 - DATES FOR 2022 - 8th Jan / 12th Feb / 12th March / 9th April / 7th May
18th June /9th July /13th August/10th Sept/8th Oct/12th Nov

Our final events for 2021 are on December 4th and then December 18th, and then we move into 2022 with three FIDE rated sections with cash prizes.

OPEN - Grandmaster Alexander Cherniaev won £100.00 with 5.5/6 and right behind him were IM Peter Large (£25.00), Peter Koiza (£25.00) and Frankie Badacsonyi (£50.00 rating prize), with 5/6. 

Rating Prizes of £50.00 were also won by Wilfred Hill-Wood (4.5/6) and Kai Hanache (4/6).

Under 1450 - Frank Gillespie won a medal and a book for his excellent win in this section, the day after getting his Booster!  He was joined on 5/6 by Michael Rae who I think was playing in his first tournament - congratulations!

If you are free during the week, I also run an event during the day at a pub called The Clissold Arms in Muswell Hill. Our next events are on Tuesday 30th November and December 14th.  Join us here - https://muswellhillchess.blogspot.com/

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