We have booked four FIDE and ECF rated rapid events on July 10, July 17 and August 7 and August 14 - ALL SATURDAYS - and there are conditions that you have to accept as part of your entry.


July 10 - https://form.jotform.com/211035925529960 (almost full!)

July 17 - https://form.jotform.com/211051941237952

August 7 - https://form.jotform.com/211384712544958

August 14 - https://form.jotform.com/211384934514961

Conditions - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lvXTenDo5cDKw5m9L0jROl1xeRAFt1vcGPMeAOmr3TI/edit?usp=sharing

Each tournament will be open to entry on a limited basis

We are starting later (11am) and finishing a little earlier to avoid byes, as these will be all-play-all sections

All participants have to be ECF members at SILVER ro take part, or higher

Each game will have their own 6ft x 3ft table

6 player all-play-all (round robin) sections arranged by FIDE rapid / ECF rapid rating

= 5 round events restricted to 60 players.

The format of the event may change without notice depending on the advice of the government

Events will be ECF rated and FIDE rated

Players in each section will enter their results directly onto the sheet given.  No pairings will be posted in the hall to discourage crowding.

Each section will have their own playing area and contact with other playing groups should be minimised

No handshakes before or at the end of the games are needed

£30.00 to enter.  No late entries, no payments on the day.

No spectators in the hall or at the board

No players under 9 or who need to be supervised at the board

No waiting area indoors (there is an outside area at the front, no ball games)

Please wear masks whilst indoors and during games (unless both players agree otherwise)

Doors and windows will be open for ventilation (it will hopefully be warm!)

No refreshments - please bring your own, and take your rubbish away with you

TIMETABLE (games after Round 1 may start earlier by mutual arrangement but the clocks will start at these times otherwise)

Rd 1 - 11.00am / Rd 2 - 12.15pm / Rd 3 - 1.30pm

Rd 4 - 2.45pm / Rd 5 - 4.00pm

ENTRY FORM - https://form.jotform.com/211035925529960 

about chess at golders green

I always enjoy your events. They are perfectly organised and filled by strong players, which helps in improving my game.  Vikram Kamath

Golders Green FIDE Chess

You're probably here because a) you play chess and you're looking to take part in over the board competitions and b) you read that I run (with lots of help from friendly volunteers) the monthly Golders Green Rapidplays in Leonard Barden's excellent Evening Standard column, or on the ECF (English Chess Federation) tournament calendarWell, you found the right website! 

You have one of the best chess websites I have seen. It is very friendly and clever. As the chess administrator for the family, I am seriously impressed by the on-line bookingA Chess Parent

Thanks for visiting. Don't forget to enter online in time for the next event. Please subscribe to our mailing list! All the games are graded by the ECF and part of the ECF Grand Prix. ALL SECTIONS are rated by FIDE in their rapidplay list. You don't have to be a member of the ECF to take part BUT if you are SILVER LEVEL or above it will cost less. Players who are not ECF Silver members or above will be charged £9.00 extra to enter. Ring 01424 775222 to join the ECF or visit http://www.englishchess.org.uk/.

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