• Please keep your valuables with you during the day - we do not have a cloakroom and we have had thefts.
  • You must supervise your child throughout the day. Children should not play at the front of the church as it disturbs the Vicar. He lives next door.
  • If you are not a competitor, please use the toilet facilities during play. This gives players the chance to use the toilets in the breaks...
  • Please remember we are running this tournament for the benefit of the playersPriority will be given to competitors with regards to seating, there is no wifi and this is not a suitable venue for non-players to spend a day!
You can see FIDE regulations here, and if you have any questions, please do email me.

Each player gets 20 minutes plus 5 seconds a move to complete the game. ALL SECTIONS are rated by FIDE and the ECF in their rapidplay list, and you MUST be a member of the ECF (SILVER LEVEL or above) to take part. Ring 01424 775222 to join or join online http://www.englishchess.org.uk/

No player deemed to be totally ungraded may win more than 50% of a cash prize except in the Open section. FIDE Rules apply. The balance of the cash prizes will be awarded to the highest placed graded player or players.

If you have a FIDE (International) Rating or National (e.g. Irish Chess Union or Swedish ELO) Rating then you should quote this and the FIDE ID code when entering. 

We usually accept non-UK, FIDE or other ratings, but the onus is on you to supply the proof (i.e. a link to your grading on a Federation website or a photocopy of a rating list) with your entry.

It is a condition of entry that players agree to their information being published on the tournament website, the chess-results website and their rating information being published on the ECF Website.

It is a condition of entry that players accept that in the event of a dispute that the Organiser's decision is final. The organiser reserves the right to refuse any entry without explanation.

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