In the OPEN section there is a guaranteed £100.00 first prize and £50.00 second prize.

There are also £50.00 rating prizes in the OPEN.  Please note that we use FIDE rapidplay ratings in all sections to determine seedings for pairings and for rating prize bands. This is because the vast majority of entrants now have a FIDE rating. 

The rating prizes ares usually awarded for the best score by a player in a rating band.  We will allocate rating prize bands based on the entries.

Cash prizes are always split between tied players (i.e. two players tied for first place would win £75.00 each).  No player may win more than one cash prize, but we will always award you the highest cash prize possible and distribute the balance to other players.

In the Under 1450 section there are no cash prizes The organiser's decision is final when it comes to allocating you to a section!

Please note that we do not have a traditional prizegiving ceremony.  We transfer prizes electronically - so if you win something I will need an account name, a bank account and sort code.  I can also pay your prize by PayPal.

Unrated players please see the menu for special rules. chess calendar