Our monthly tournament is in a new venue from Saturday 14 October 2017 at St Luke’s Church in Kidderpore Avenue, London NW3 7SUFREE PARKING ALL DAY OUTSIDE THE VENUE. This is pretty close to the former venue (4 minutes away by car, 15 minutes by bus and 20 minutes walk).  St Luke’s Church is a much bigger venue, so we've introduced a new 5 round section for players new to chess or graded Under 80 by the English Chess Federation - not a FIDE rated section, so the rules regarding illegal moves and mobile phones will be relaxed slightly just for that section. The section is five rounds of 25 minute + 5 seconds a move, with trophies for prizes and a prize giving ceremony. Once we settle in we will also have a bookstall!

Sam Peterson, Winner of the Amateur Section!

Golders Green Rapidplay: FIDE Open Section

    MERRIMAN John        2238 ENG  5 £100 1st
IM  ROBERSON Peter T     2381 ENG 4½ £50 2nd
    GRATTAGE Matthew     2026 ENG  4
    ROCCO Federico       2015 ENG  4
FM  RICHARDSON John R    2216 ENG 3½
IM  BASMAN Michael J     2182 ENG 3½
AGM KLINGHER Dominic     2133 ENG 3½
    PENNA Tommaso        1949 ITA  3 Under 2000 £10.00
    NETTLETON Charlie B  1936 ENG  3 Under 2000 £10.00
    SHEPHERD Katherine M 1818 ENG  3 Under 2000 £10.00
Golders Green Rapidplay: Major Under 170 Section

ALLISON Conrad        1829 ENG  5 1st= £75.00
GAY Simon             1820 ENG  5 1st= £75.00
KAMATH Raghu          1843 ENG 4½
BROWN Geoffrey M      1791 ENG 4½ Under 1800 £30.00

Golders Green Rapidplay: Minor Under 145 Section

MICZEK Kamil                  1495 ENG 5½ 1st £100.00
CHANTRELL Paul                1598 ENG  5 2nd £50.00
PEPE Salvatore                1624 ENG  4 
SARTENAER Jean-Claude         1621 ENG  4 
REED Liam                     1568 ENG  4 Under 1600 £10.00
ABEDIAN Mohsen                1559 ENG  4 Under 1600 £10.00
CLARKE Connor                 1468 ENG  4 Under 1600 £10.00
MERRIMAN James                1382 ENG  4 Under 1600 £10.00

Golders Green Rapidplay: Amateur Under 120 Section

PETERSON Sam            1477 ENG 5½  1st £100.00
BRETT Alex I            1471 ENG 5   2nd= £25.00
CARBONEZ Lars           1428 ENG 5   2nd= £25.00
LOVE James              1555 ENG 4½ 
NAPOLITANO Domenico     1464 ENG 4½ 
DEMETRIS Timothy        1405 ENG 4½ 
PEREZ FADON Andres      1396 ENG 4½  Under 1400 £15.00
NETTLETON Robin         1295 ENG 4½  Under 1400 £15.00

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I always enjoy your events. They are perfectly organised and filled by strong players, which helps in improving my game.  Vikram Kamath

Golders Green FIDE Chess

You're probably here because a) you play chess and you're looking to take part in over the board competitions and b) you read that I run (with lots of help from friendly volunteers) the monthly Golders Green Rapidplays in Leonard Barden's excellent Evening Standard column, or on the ECF (English Chess Federation) tournament calendarWell, you found the right website! 

You have one of the best chess websites I have seen. It is very friendly and clever. As the chess administrator for the family, I am seriously impressed by the on-line bookingA Chess Parent

Thanks for visiting. Don't forget to enter online in time for the next event. Please subscribe to our mailing list! All the games are graded by the ECF and part of the ECF Grand Prix. ALL SECTIONS are rated by FIDE in their rapidplay list. You don't have to be a member of the ECF to take part BUT if you are SILVER LEVEL or above it will cost less. Players who are not ECF Silver members or above will be charged £33.00 to enter. Ring 01424 775222 to join the ECF or visit http://www.englishchess.org.uk/.

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