You can find all the results on Chess Results.
This month 102 players competed over 4 sections
There are some excellent photos by Brendan O'Gorman here.
NEXT EVENT - Saturday 5th March


GM  VAKHIDOV Jahongir   2455 UZB  6 1st £100.00
FM  RADOVANOVIC Jovica  2259 SRB 4½ 2nd £50.00
GM  CHERNIAEV Alexander 2501 RUS  4
    JATAUTIS Donatas    2221 LTU  4
    HEALEY Michael W    2193 ENG  4
    OYAMA Akito         2011 ENG  4
    JINA Taran          1914 ENG 3½ Under 2000 £30.00

MAJOR Under 170

Oliver Finnegan, by Brendan O'Gorman
FINNEGAN Oliver           1831 ENG  5 =1st £75.00
LEVY Christopher A        1749 ENG  5 =1st £75.00
MILLWARD David J          1868 ENG 4½
JACOB Sydney J            1859 ENG  4
MCDONNELL James J.        1825 IRL  4
GOODFELLOW Russell Robert 1758 ENG  4 Under 1800 £30.00

MINOR Under 145

BARNES Jon A          1683 ENG  5 1st £100.00
DAVIES Mark B         1637 ENG 4½ =2nd £25.00
GOGNA Aman            1577 ENG 4½ Under 1600 £30.00
MCNISH David          1694 ENG  4
ABEDIAN Mohsen        1597 ENG  4
BULLOCK Lee           1544 ENG  4

AMATEUR Under 120

Aleksei Georgiev - 100%!

ALEKSIEV Georgi    101 BUL  6 1st £100.00
SARI Hasan         105 ENG  5 2nd £50.00

BLUESTONE Dave J   116 ENG 4½
MANOCHA Shobhin    116 ENG 4½
MORRIS Brian       114 ENG  4
ROYAL Shreyas       94 ENG  4 Under 105 £10.00
EVERITT David       87 ENG  4 Under 105 £10.00
ROBINSON William    99 ENG  4 Under 105 £10.00
YAPP Chistopher T    0 ENG  4
SINGH Harjivan     106 ENG 3½ 

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